Video camera

Because the film was put together over a long time, we used a bunch of different cameras. For any potential geeks, here are the cold facts.
Domestic scenes: Panasonic HVX201 with Red Rock lens adaptor. (All the interior scenes are upside down).
Flight scenes: Panasonic AF 100 into an Atomos Samurai Canon 5D HVX201
Edit: Avid Media Composer.

Making your own film

As time goes by and the industry changes, making your own film and not relying on other agencies is a good way to go. The technology is there and the enthusiasm is there.

I chose to work with Jewel and Esk not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I was a lecturer there and I knew that the students would benefit hugely from working with professionals and working in a professional environment.

It was risky. It's hard enough making films without being surrounded by inexperience; but Richard, John, Gus and Aaron

made the students so welcome and included that I believe the exercise was worth it.

As to the rest, it was a very a mixed blessing. Colleges are educational establishments not commercial enterprises. Within the inevitable constraints, the college was amazing and I am very grateful to them.

So is it a good idea to make a film with a college?

Provided you are conscious of the limitations and can handle the frustrations, I must say "yes".

Make sure you feed the students!


Camera lenses

Sepia lenses.