daemon productions will be putting together a teaching pack that aims to stimulate interest in social issues as well as little known details of the war effort.

In the film, the crew are being used as guinea pigs for a rear-facing radar called Monica. After losing many aircrew, it was discovered that Monica actually attracted nightfighters. How would the students feel if they believed that the boffins were using them as test beds with no idea of the outcome? Does the end justify the means?

Flying in a British bomber during World War Two was one of the most dangerous jobs imaginable. Some 55,000 aircrew died in raids over Europe between 1939 and 1945, the highest loss rate of any major branch of the British armed forces.

Yet there is no official campaign medal commemorating the sacrifices of these men. Their contribution to the war effort has been partly overshadowed by the controversy over the saturation bombing of German cities in 1944 and '45, in which tens of thousands of German civilians were killed.

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